Used to be that the only pickles showing up on menus were commercially processed. Now handcrafted products are coming out of restaurant kitchens and showing up on tables around the country. 

The Publican
Chicago, IL
Housemade Daily Pickles
Known as a temple of beer, pork and seafood, guests can also enjoy a side of their Daily Pickles.

The Buttermilk Channel
Brooklyn, NY
House-made Pickles
This upscale American bistro serves house-made pickles as a part of their snack menu.

East Coast Grill
Cambridge, MA
Fresh Homemade Pickles
While customers enjoy the raw bar, super-fresh seafood,and BBQ, the can munch on crunchy pickles.

Joan’s on Third
Los Angeles, CA
House-made Pickles
This gourmet marketplace, café and catering company accompanies its sandwiches with housemade pickles.

Austin, TX
House-made Pickles
A downtown BBQ joint that serves up wood grilled steaks and chops, Mexican food and local favorites accompanied by tangy pickles.


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