Pinnacle's Acquisition of Aurora Creates Single Foodservice Unit

CHERRY HILL, NJ - With the acquisition of Aurora Foods by Pinnacle Foods Corp., the foodservice operations of both companies have merged into Pinnacle Foodservice, according to the company here.

"The merger of the Pinnacle and Aurora foodservice businesses will allow us to become a stronger partner with key foodservice distributors because of the critical mass that we can now represent," Keith Kandt, vice president, business development, told ID Access. "We are the expert in a number of key categories and can take on the 'category captain' role, thus allowing us to build both our own business and that our distributor-customers."

Pinnacle Foodservice is a supplier of branded and custom-label products to the industry, with nationwide foodservice sales and distribution, as well as dedicated culinary and product development resources.

Pinnacle Foodservice's management team includes, in addition to Kandt, David Keefe, general manager, Foodservice Division, and Mike Lyons, vice president, national accounts.

With the addition of Aurora Foods, Pinnacle now offers frozen waffles, pancakes, French toast and French toast sticks, syrup, frozen bagels, pickles and condiments, frozen entrees and side dishes.


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