Poll: Health weights casual dining choice

A new online poll of American diners reveals that slightly over half use dietary factors in choosing which casual-dining restaurant they eat in. The online survey by the Maritz organization indicated that 51% of those who regularly eat in casual restaurants say low-carb or other healthy dining options were at least somewhat important as reasons to choose a restaurant.

The poll also indicated that the presence of healthy menu choices were a critical deciding factor for families, with 57% of respondents with children under age 12 saying that healthy options influenced their venue choices.

"Americans are starting to listen to the message that they need to eat healthier, and pressuring casual-dining restaurants to accommodate them," said Maritz director Rick Garlick.

Despite the fact that industry critics name restaurant portion sizes as a contributing factor in the country's obesity epidemic, 87% of the poll's respondents said that portion sizes at casual-dining restaurants were acceptable.


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