Pork Belly

Pork belly or uncured bacon, typically served roasted with a crispy skin, has long been a delicacy in Roman, Chinese and other classic cuisines. This succulent cut is now the darling of chefs, popping up on menus in a rainbow of global flavors and inventive preparations.

New York City
Sweet and Savory: Pork Belly, Miso Butterscotch, Artichoke; $27

Mission Street Food
San Francisco
PB & J: Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Belly and Jicama with pickled jalapeño and cilantro aioli on homemade flatbread; $6

Animal Restaurant
Los Angeles
Taste of Korea: Pork belly, kimchi, peanuts, chili soy, scallion; $11

The Glass Onion
Charleston, South Carolina
Southern Comfort: Crispy Braised Pork Belly with grits and greens; $12

Z Food and Drink
Manchester, New Hampshire
Southwestern Flair: Crispy Braised Pork Belly, corn cake, ancho chili sauce, cilantro sour cream, mango mojo; $9

i Trulli
New York City
A Tribute to Rome: Braciole Pork Belly, beef and housemade sausage in tomato ragù over brocolli rabe; $15

Scottsdale, Arizona
Bacon and Eggs: Crispy Poached Egg, Berkshire Pork Belly Confit, onion jam, Blis maple syrup; $13

American Grocery
Greenville, South Carolina
Hidden Pleasures: Crispy Pork Belly ‘En Veil’, brioche french toast, caramelized apples & maple bourbon drizzle; $15


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