Pour me a cold one

The sun is shining, the air is warm, and your guests are ready for a change of pace. Summertime evokes images of lazy days by the pool, or a hammock swinging in the breeze. And the image isn't complete without a nice, cool drink in hand.

But more often than not, the choices we offer our guests are nothing if not ordinary. Iced tea is uninspiring. Sodas are too sweet. Many people just stick with a glass of water.

Don't miss this chance to turn beverage sales into a fun and profitable summer promotion. Create a stand-alone menu of signature summertime drinks. It's the time of year when fresh fruits are in abundance and it's easy to find recipes for refreshing spritzers, ades and fruit teas. Look for creative blends of sweet fruit juices, flavorful purées, simple syrup and sparkling seltzers. For an exotic flair, try adding a hint of herbs such as ginger or rosemary. Top it off with a fresh fruit garnish like a pair of cherries, a slice of kiwi or sprig of mint.

Drinks this special deserve a whimsical glass, a colorful straw, long-stemmed spoons and presentation with pizzaz. How about offering them by the pitcher so the whole table can enjoy the treat?

Keep an eye out for recipes for sweet and refreshing summertime favorites like...

  • Orange Pekoe Lemonade
  • Ginger-Plum Lemonade
  • Papaya-Melon Citrusade
  • Kiwi-Honeydew Limeade
  • Passion-Fruit Orangeade
  • Blueberry-Mint Lemonade

Or get inspired and create your own signature beverage.


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