Pro*Act Launches New Sustainability Initiative

MONTEREY, CA (October 2, 2012)—Greener Fields Together, an industrywide sustainability and local produce initiative, has been officially launched.

Greener Fields Together is the foodservice industry’s first comprehensive program targeting sustainability improvements at every link in the supply chain, according to a news release from Monterey, Calif.-based Pro*Act.

The initiative has two goals: to create and commit to continuous sustainability improvements along the supply chain; and to ensure the availability and safety of locally grown produce.

Greener Fields Together measures energy use, water and waste management, pesticide and herbicide use, packaging and transportation.

Growers and distributors will be held to the new initiative’s standards. Pro*Act member distributors will place more importance on efforts including energy-efficient lighting and refrigeration, recyclable totes and pallet wraps, backhauling and building long-term partnerships with local farms.

Hospitality operators are also eligible to become part of the initiative and display the Greener Fields Together emblem. This represents their commitment to the Greener Fields Together produce supply chain and continuous sustainability improvements in their operations.


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