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Bianca N. Herron

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Bianca Herron is a digital editor at Restaurant Business. Prior to joining Restaurant Business, Bianca was editor of two real estate publications, the Illinois Real Estate Journal and Chicago Industrial Properties. Previously, she was a reporter for the Chicago Defender Newspaper. Bianca studied Mass Communications at Tennessee State University, and currently resides in the south suburbs of Chicago. 

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Here’s why they think eliminating tipping is a bad idea.

The Mexican chain said it will allow students at 40 colleges to order delivery through a third-party app starting this fall.

That’s Papa Murphy’s, which recently sold its stake in the fast-casual chain. Founder and CEO James Markham said the parting won’t deter his efforts to make the concept a standout in the crowded fast-casual-pizza derby.

The chicken chain’s latest LTO comes with a signature side, a buttermilk biscuit and garlic-herb dipping sauce for $4.99.

A newcomer to the New York City dining scene foregoes seats, tables, even a walk-up window. Indeed, it doesn’t exist as a restaurant at all, just as a delivery app connected to a kitchen.

Hourlies and labor activists reup their demand for a $15 wage in a two-day protest timed to the chain’s annual stockholder meeting

The proprietor of Michigan-based Passport Pizza wants to see more restaurant food donated, and believes liability protection is the way to make it happen.

Marijuana isn’t an alternative to wine yet, but it could be in the coming years, explained an expert panel yesterday at a session during the NRA Show.

After two years as a licensee and investor, Good Times is bringing the casual burger group in-house as a growth vehicle.

Increased minimum wage seen as a double-edged sword by employees, business owners.

The annual awards gala announces a three-year run in the Second City.

A bill designed to crack down on restaurants that don’t serve a full pint of beer was vetoed Monday by Gov. Paul LePage.