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The fast casual owes its success to its staff, CEO Russ Bendel said when accepting this year’s award.

Get an inside look at the insights shared via Restaurant Business.

The brand nabbed best website and other honors at the 2018 awards ceremony.

The awards spotlight excellence in business-to-business media.

The nine honorees include some well-known restaurant leaders.

Help Restaurant Business get a clearer picture of the ways operators are spending their savings.

The industry innovator and icon will be honored at the upcoming Restaurant Leadership Conference.

Olive Garden asked a cross-functional team—finance, marketing, operations, communications and others—to build on its Never Ending Pasta Bowl promo.

Here's what went down and what it foreshadows for employers.

See what's shifting in the restaurant investing landscape.

This year saw some challenging developments.

The chain says its signature product is now free of artificial colorings.

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