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The agreement is intended to grow Burger King’s presence in the United Kingdom.

The chain has named a new CFO and chief development officer.

The chain is promoting three holiday offerings, two of which are new.

The casual chain has added a $10 Tuesdays deal.

The Double Doozies will be available in three flavors.

Guests will have the choice between Boston clam chowder, cheesy chicken tortilla soup or Farmer Boys’ signature scratch-made chili.

Au Bon Pain is the latest brand to unveil an endless pass of sorts.

Brian O’Hagan first joined the chain as an area director in 2013.

The new design includes a beverage fountain offering pure cane soda and a stand-alone bakery area.

The new item is being positioned as the ideal pizza for the holiday season.

The chain’s Topped Steaks & Twisted Potatoes combo meals start at $12.99.

Brian Livingston is returning to the company after leaving in 2014.