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The menu brings small plates and internationally influenced dishes into the mix.

The 57-year-old entrepreneur was reportedly worried about overdue tax payments and an overtime pay lawsuit.

Jim Kuhn will join the team after serving as CEO of Chalak Mitra Group.

New menu items include tater tots, sandwiches and a line of salads.

Alan Johnson will take the helm at the fast-casual chain.

Len Van Popering will serve as Subway’s VP of global brand management and innovation.

Maze joins the brand as it strengthens its coverage of top restaurant chains.

The Cookie BonBite will be available beginning Dec. 4 for a limited time.

The service is now available nationwide after being piloted in limited markets earlier this year.

Select locations of the quick-service chain will offer up to 500 cups of free coffee.

The chicken chain is serving up three options for $5 or less.

Guests are now able to place an order, pay their bill or make a reservation using just their voice.