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Value isn’t just about getting more food for less.

Here's how consumers rate various health-related buzzwords.

Diners rated these chains as tops when it comes to healthful options.

Limited-service restaurants aren't pulling any punches when it comes to breakfast innovation.

Among all chains tracked, IHOP has the most craveable breakfast starches.

The answer lies largely in what their kids are looking for.

The use of “better bread” is not new, but fresh varieties are rising to the top, and consumers indicate they want more—and are willing to pay for it.

Two burger giants recently battled it out with an atypical weapon: cheesy sides.

Technomic forecasts the four ways consumers will impact the restaurant business this year.

At a time of softening traffic, consumers say the old draws may not be what pulls them into one restaurant versus another. Here are the features they cite as actually turning their heads today.

Which foodservice segments are snagging the attention of Gen Z, the younger siblings of the much-ballyhooed millennials? Their spending power is rising, so how do you capture their attention? Read on to find out.