Pumpkin on the Menu

The fall harvest inspires exciting dishes highlighting seasonal flavors, such as those of the iconic pumpkin. Around Halloween, this festive squash not only adorns porches, it also pops up on many menus. Although pumpkins are fun to carve into jack-o-lanterns, these restaurants are having just as much fun turning them into tasty fare.

Khyber Pass
New York, New York
Boulance Kadu: Turnover filled with spiced pumpkin with yogurt dip; $2.95

Spring Restaurant
Chicago, Illinois
Maine Skatewing: Artichokes, cipollini onions, tagliatelle, toasted pumpkinseed vinaigrette; $28

New Haven, Connecticut
Arugula salad: Goat cheese, stuffed pear, pumpkin croutons, pepperoni crisps, grapefruit vinaigrette; $8

Pasadena, California
Potage Al' Boronia: Hot southern Spanish stew of pumpkin, eggplant, and tomato; $7

Ocean House
Dennisport, Massachusetts
Pumpkin Tiramisu: Mascarpone cheese, ginger snaps, cranberry coulis; $8


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