Punch-drunk desserts

Restaurant guests are ending meals on a tipsy note as chefs give desserts a little—and literal—punch. The liquor-laced sweets fuse dessert and after-dinner drink into one.

David Burke Townhouse, New York City

This New American establishment includes a traditional American sweet on their menu—with a boozy twist, of course. David Burke’s liquor-infused “drunken donuts” come with chocolate Baileys, “raspberritini” and sugar and spice cream fillings.

Eldorado Grill, Madison, WI

The kitchen puts a Southwest spin on drunken desserts by serving mangos simmered in tequila, orange juice, lime juice, butter and brown sugar. The tipsy tequila treat is warmed and served over vanilla bean ice cream.

Red Velvet Lounge, New York City

Pastry chef Melissa Bushell and mixologist Charlotte Voissey join forces in taking the dessert-cocktail combination to new heights, culminating in spirit-soaked cupcakes paired with specialty cocktails. A Jameson Irish Whiskey and espresso cupcake is served with a Jameson Irish espresso martini, while the Stoli Apple and cinnamon cupcake is accompanied with a Stoli Gala Applik martini. 

Sola, Chicago

Guests have the option of ending their meals at the Hawaiian-inspired Sola with Chef Carol Wallack’s punched-up sponge cake panna cotta. It’s soaked in sake and served with lemongrass, raspberry gelée and kumquat compote.


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