The precursor to the cocktail, punches were made in large quantities so guests could split the potent concoctions at social gatherings. Looking to an era gone by for inspiration, restaurant bartenders and mixologists are reinventing the alcoholic punch with decidedly unique and global ingredients.

New York City
Cayo Romano Punch: Mount Gay Eclipse Silver, Appleton Estate 12-year, Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur, allspice dram, fresh lime and tangerine juices, Angostura and orange bitters; $13 per glass

Cambridge Common
Cambridge, MA
Cambridge Common Mind Blowing Beer Punch: Holly's wicked combination of vodka, lemonade and a bottle of Sam Summer; $19.95 per serving

The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co.
Philadelphia, PA
Backhanded Punch: Cruzan White Rum, Kashmiri Green Tea, Crème de Cacao, fresh lime juice and orange bitters; $12 per glass

The Violet Hour
Chicago, IL
Pimms Cup Punch: Pimms #1, Lemon, Lillet Blonde, Cucumber, Mint; $30 per 3-4 servings

Comstock Saloon
San Francisco, CA
Pisco Punch: Pisco, pineapple gum, lime; $10 per glass

Lani Kai
New York City
Lani Kai Planters Punch: Raisin infused aged rum, Jamaican Rum, lime, demerara sugar and Angostura bitters; $52 per bowl


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