The bright citrus aroma and pale red flesh of the cooked quince fruit differs from its relative apples and pears. The tough, bitter flesh of quince requires cooking to be edible, but the effort is well worth it. The fruit native to the eastern part of the world was traditionally used to flavor jams, but these restaurants and bakeries are using the fall fruit to add seasonality to their menus.

Quince Restaurant
Evanston, IL
Foie Gras: sweet breads, quince, honey and caramel apple water; $15

Los Angeles, CA
Prosciutto di Parma, Quince and Miticrema; $8

Grandaisy bakery
New York, NY
Seasonal Tart: apple and quince; $n/a

MadHatters Tea House and Cafe
New York, NY
Raspberry Quince Tea; $2.99

Washington, D.C
Manchego Cheesecake, Quince and Pistachio Granola; $8

Tony's Pizza Napoletana
San Francisco, CA
Calabrese and Quince: Pasilla peppers, monterey jack, house-made calabrese sausage, honey, serrano peppers and quince; $19


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