Rastelli Global Joins Frosty Acres

Rastelli Global is the Export Division of Rastelli Foods. Owned by brothers Tony and Ray Rastelli, the subsidiary handles all overseas and large-scale domestic shipments of food products. The company's customer base includes hotel and retail store chains, food manufacturers and distributors, and many international government agencies. Eighty percent of Rastelli's sales are to the military and they deliver to countries including the Middle East, Germany, Russia, France, Uruguay, England and Spain.

According to F.A.B., Rastelli Global offers a wide variety of the highest quality frozen, chilled, dry products; mostly consolidated into mixed loads for export via Seafreight and Airfreight. It operates exclusively in the fields of domestic and international trading and exporting.

"F.A.B. is recognized as a leader in the foodservice arena. Our decision to join the cooperative was based on the value they deliver to their membership. Their global view of foodservice, unerring commitment to quality and family-oriented mentality made the decision a simple one. We look forward to working together towards mutually beneficial goals," states Ray Rastelli, President of Rastelli Global.

George Watson, president and ceo of the co-op, observed that Rastelli's expertise in global trade will bring valuable knowledge to the membership.


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