Creole Turkey Salad Po’ Boy

IngredientsPoultry, Vegetables, Bread
Day PartDinner, Lunch
Menu PartSandwich/Wrap
Cuisine TypeAmerican
Creole Turkey Salad Po’ Boy

Po’boys, filling sandwiches on sub rolls, are a New Orleans classic. While the traditional po’boy has roast beef, branch out with a turkey salad version of the standard and spice it up with KNORR® Creole Sauce!


4 oz. KNORR® Ready-To-Use Creole Sauce
1/3 cup Hellmann’s® Real Whipped Salad Dressing
1/4 cup celery, small dice
1/4 cup bell pepper, green, small dice
1/4 cup onions, small dice
1 tsp. cayenne pepper
2 cups turkey breast, cooked, diced
6 rolls submarine roll, 6 inch, split, toasted
18 slices tomatoes, red vine, sliced
¼ head iceberg lettuce


  1. In large bowl, combine KNORR® Ready-To-Use Creole Sauce, Hellmann's® Real Whipped Salad Dressing, celery, bell pepper, onion, and cayenne pepper until blended. Fold in diced turkey.
  2. Toast sub roll.
  3. Layer bottom halves of submarine rolls evenly with approximately 3 oz. turkey salad. Top each with 3 slices of tomato and 1 oz. of lettuce. Replace tops of rolls and serve immediately or refrigerate until service.

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