The Holiday Market

IngredientsBeverage Alcohol
Day PartDrinks
Menu PartBeverage
Cuisine TypeAmerican

Source: Brian Adee of Loa, Tales of the Toddy 2012


1 oz. butter & cream infused Citadelle gin (recipe below)
1/4 oz. Fino sherry
1/4 oz. Oloroso sherry
1/4 oz. vanilla syrup (approx. 1 bean per 4 cups of syrup)
Dehydrated dates and cranberries with cloves and Ceylon cinnamon for garnish


  1. Combine ingredients in glass; garnish and serve.

Butter & Cream infused Citadelle gin
8 oz. Citadelle gin
1 oz. cream
1 oz. melted butter

  1. Combine gin, cream and butter in container and freeze overnight.
  2. Skim and strain the solids, saving the infused gin remaining.

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