Honeybee Mai Tai

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Honeybee Mai Tai

Source: Recipe and photo courtesy of National Honey Board

The Mai Tai is a fruity, rum-based cocktail, said to have originated at the Polynesian-theme Trader Vic’s restaurant in the 1940s. Today, this and other tiki drinks are seeing a revival, as millennials embrace the trend and tiki bars open in urban areas.


1 oz. honey syrup (recipe below)
1 oz. silver rum
1/2 oz. dark aged rum
1 oz. lime juice
2 to 3 dashes bitters
1 orange slice, for garnish

Honey Syrup
Yield: 1 1/2 cups
8 oz. wildflower or buckwheat honey
4 oz. hot water


  1. Prepare honey syrup; bottle and refrigerate.
  2. In cocktail shaker, combine 1 ounce honey syrup, rums, lime juice and bitters. Add ice and shake well.
  3. Strain into cocktail glass and garnish with orange twist.

Honey Syrup

  1. In small bowl, combine honey and hot water; stir well to dissolve. Bottle and refrigerate for several hours.

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