Lemon Blueberry Port Sorbetto

Day PartDessert
Menu PartDessert
Cuisine TypeFrench
Lemon Blueberry Port Sorbetto

Smooth port wine combines with the flavors of lemon and blueberry to create a sorbet that adults will find the perfect end to a good and hearty meal.


1500g water
750g port wine
480g sugar
500g PreGel Base Allegra
50g PreGel Blueberry Fortefrutto®
455g blueberry puree
45g lemon peel


  1. Combine the lemon peel and the port wine, and allow to infuse overnight.
  2. Strain lemon peel.
  3. Combine wine and remaining ingredients in a large plastic bucket.
  4. Mix well for 2-3 minutes using an immersion blender.
  5. Place in batch freezer, and process according to machine instructions.

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