Zesty Egg & Sausage Wrap

IngredientsEggs, Meat
Day PartBreakfast
Menu PartSandwich/Wrap
Cuisine TypeAmerican
Zesty Egg & Sausage Wrap

Guests love the convenience and flexibility of breakfast sandwiches. For a spicy egg breakfast on the go, menu this wrap with eggs, pork sausage, cheddar and Sriracha mayonnaise.


24 pc Eggs, lightly beaten
24 oz Green Onion, sliced
2 oz Vegetable oil
16 oz Pork sausage, hot, cooked, crumbled
8 oz Cheddar, sharp, shredded
1 oz Seasoning (salt+ pepper), as needed
8 Tortillas
8 oz Hellmann's or BestFoods Real Mayonnaise
1 tbsp Sriracha (Thai hot sauce)


  1. Prepare Sriracha Mayonnaise: In small bowl, combine Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise and sriracha; reserve.
  2. In small bowl, combine 3 eggs (approx 6 oz) and 3 green onions (approx 1 oz). In greased sauté pan, scramble eggs over medium heat. When eggs are nearly cooked, stir in sausage and cheese until heated through.
  3. Spread one tortilla with 2 tbsp Sriracha Mayonnaise. Spoon eggs on center of tortilla; roll up, burrito-style, and slice in half diagonally. Repeat to make 8 wraps. Serve immediately.
  4. Note: More or less sriracha may be added according to taste.

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