Reinhart FoodService Moving Headquarters Downtown, Adding Jobs

LACROSSE, WI (October 19, 2011)—Reinhart FoodService announced plans to consolidate its offices into the former G. Heileman Brewing Co. on the riverfront.

CEO John Roussel said the 35,000-square-foot campus at 100 Harborview Plaza will house staff for the company's 27 national food distribution centers, including three in Wisconsin.

With a total investment of about $2.6 million, Reinhart will be eligible for up $700,000 in tax credits from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., a new public-private entity that replaced the Department of Commerce.

Built in 1979 as the Heileman headquarters, 100 Harborview Plaza was the first building of a riverfront redevelopment project that includes the La Crosse Center and the Radisson Hotel, which was built by a group of investors headed by D.B. "Rhiny" Reinhart.

"We want to be bigger and growing and make acquisitions," said Roussel. "We’re doing a lot of exciting things around the country and we need the folks here to help support that growth.”

Roussel says the company added 30 jobs last year and is adding more this year, and he’s working to recruit local college students to work for the company.

“We’re working through how to make orders through the iPad and the iPhone and how to create new technology that’s great for our restaurants and our customers," Roussel said. "We think there’s great people right here from these schools and we’d love to have them.”

The project is expected to create 50 jobs, allow for the retention of 164 existing positions, and represents a total investment of over $2.6 million. Reinhart delivers wholesale products to independent and chain restaurants, hotels and sporting venues.


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