Reinventing the Spring Roll

Much like the taco, the spring roll is becoming a vehicle for cross-cultural ingredients as chefs put their own spin on the classic Asian appetizer. Here are a few places that have successfully transformed the traditional spring roll or infused it with unique global flavors.

The Hurricane Club
New York, NY
Croque Monsieur Spring Rolls: Baked ham, Gruyere cheese and a homemade honey Dijon sauce; $8

San Francisco, CA
Harumaki Spring Roll: Asparagus, shiitake, carrots, long beans, atsuage tofu and silver noodles wrapped in wheat sheets, lightly fried and served with sweet and sour sauce; $9

New York, NY
Sri Lankan Vegetable Spring Roll: Fried crepes with potato, carrot, leek and onion filling; $6.50

Los Angeles, CA
Avocado Spring Roll: Served with baby mixed greens, chunky mango vinaigrette and roasted red bell pepper dipping sauce; $8

Mission Grill
Philadelphia, PA
Mexican Cheesesteak Spring Roll: Shaved sirloin, black bean salsa, red chili sauce; $10

Chicago, IL
Crispy Spring Roll with duck confit, daikon salad, spicy yuzu glaze; $12


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