May 2017

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May 2017

10 groundbreaking concepts: The latest buzz—Danny Meyer's no-tip coffee shop, the McDonald's of the future and more.

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  • Must-hit spots during the NRA Show
  • Recruiting boomers
  • Catering to offices
Digital Edition

bad hunter veggies

Here are some of the veg-centric players in this new area of competition.

1. Was there a decision or move you look back upon now and laugh? When we were first starting to revive the brand, and I was shopping with my wife, I snuck away into the men’s dressing room and...


anker dining room

Dine—and dash home with stealable ideas.

In the Know

hispanics table

Three-quarters of Hispanic diners order food from restaurants at least once a week, compared to two-thirds of consumers overall. Read on to find out about the changing preferences of this growing demographic, a topic that will get a deeper dive at our Restaurant Trends & Directions Conference in Chicago this July.

dosa plate square

As dayparts continue to blur, restaurants are grabbing between-meal customers with unique flavors and global foods.

Whole foods entrance

Why this grocery store of the future poses a threat to your business.

wine bottle table square

Bottle-sharing programs are boosting by-the-bottle buying.

Best Practices


How operators can attract this growing demographic in the workforce.

maggianos takeout

Read on for tips to smoothly transition into upping takeout and delivery services.

noodles company catering

Operators at the Restaurant Leadership Conference wrestled with the dizzying array of third-party delivery services, while weighing how off-premise may continue to shift and change.


As operators continue to look for new revenue streams, many are expanding or retooling their catering programs—and differentiating what they offer to the office crowd . Although companies providing...

touch screen kiosk

Kiosk implementation is happening quickly. Here are several factors to consider when making the tech-heavy transition so operators and guests don't feel a negative impact.

Menu Innovation

vegan burgers

Substitutions put whiskey sours and other eggy drinks on the menu for veg-only customers.

dino bbq bowl

Slow-cooked barbecue was not a good fit for the fast-paced lunch crowd at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. So they set out to create a lighter option for on-the-go diners.

windsor egg cream poka lola

As cold brew makes inroads at restaurants of many types, a shot of the stuff can perk up drink sales throughout the day.

BWW wings

Its winning recipe combines convenience, value and a smart marketing strategy.

"Our carbonated soft drink sales at Earls.67 reflect a national trend; we’re continually down on carbonated soft drink sales by 8% to 9% on an annual basis at all Earls locations,” says Cameron Bogue...


Stephen J. Sather CEO, president and director of El Pollo Loco Holdings, parent of El Pollo Loco , a QSR chicken chain with over 460 units—two-thirds of them franchised—in Prior posts SVP of...


Out with the ‘gut feeling’ guys; bring on the number geeks.
Restaurants are looking to a behemoth outside the industry as a prime source of inspiration.