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April 2014

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In the Know

Best Practices

So you want to open a restaurant ...

I want to open a restaurant but I lack knowledge about it. How do I start?

You started the best way, by acknowledging there is more to learn.

Brand equity

Why do restaurants promote the brand of ketchup on their tables but not their own brand?

What you’re asking about is brand equity.

How to fix the disconnect in lunch and dinner services

We are a lunch restaurant that is very busy with a check average of $12 per guest.  We opened for dinner a few years ago and have had trouble getting the same crowd in at night.  The menu has some of the best sandwiches from lunch along with a handful of higher priced entrees.  We experience a disconnect between the two services and can't seem to get a cohesive crowd for dinner.  The restaurant is Modern American and the facility is very attractive.  Should we make our dinner menu more like the lunch menu, or should we add some of the dinner entrees to the lunch menu?  We would like your opinion about branding/cohesion for a restaurant where lunch always beats dinner revenues!

You answered your question about why your lunch and dinner services aren’t cohesive in your

What to know about the Dumb Starbucks parody

I heard about Dumb Starbucks. How is that even possible? And is it legal? What’s to prevent me from doing the same thing?

For those who missed the media blip this week,



Menu Innovation



Web Exclusives


Through trial and error, Chef Charles Dolson found that 7/8 cup rice flour substitutes well for 1 cup all-purpose flour in the biscuit crust. “The rice flour has a more grainy texture, so the filling requires a longer time to cook the flour out. But in the end, the difference is indiscernible,” he says. Chopped fresh sage and thyme season the turkey-vegetable filling.