Restaurant Business Staff


Sarah Lockyer
SVP, Content

email: slockyer@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.1581

Jonathan Maze
Executive Editor

email: jmaze@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.506.4052

Peter Romeo
email: promeo@winsightmedia.com
phone: 917.414.6119

Sara Rush Wirth
Managing Editor

email: swirth@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.2278

Pat Cobe
Senior Editor

email: pcobe@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.1565

Kelsey Nash
Senior Editor

email: knash@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.1697

Heather Lalley

email: hlalley@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.506.3831

Benita Gingerella
Assistant Editor
email: bgingerella@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.506.4057


Creative Director
Bruce Ramsay

email: bramsay@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.1973

Sara Stewart
Senior Art Director

email: sstewart@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.1980

Editorial Production

Jennifer Bulat

email: jbulat@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.506.3842

Joe Guszkowski
Assistant Editor

email: jguszkowski@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.506.3874

Marketing and Media Operations

Erin Kuyper
Director of Media Operations
email: ekuyper@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.1581

Christina Kayalik
Production Coordinator

email: ckayalik@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.1578

Kayley Bogdan
Director of Content Marketing
email: kbogdan@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.1559

Digital Production

Lindsay Holley
Director of Digital Products & Development

email: lholley@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.2276

Kim Collie
Digital Production Manager

email: kcollie@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.1974

Print Subscriptions

Subscription/Circulation Inquiries
email: rb@omeda.com
phone: 800.685.4152

Single-Copy Sales
phone: 800.685.4152


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