Restaurant Business Staff


Kelly Killian
Director, Foodservice Content Group

email: kkillian@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.1579

Pat Cobe
Senior Editor, Menu

email: pcobe@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.1565

Sara Rush Wirth
Managing Editor

email: srush@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.2278

Lexi McPike
Assistant Editor

email: lmcpike@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.506.3903

Digital Media

Peter Romeo
email: promeo@winsightmedia.com
phone: 917.414.6119

Lindsay Holley
Director of Digital Products & Development

email: lholley@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.2276

Kelsey Nash
Senior Editor

email: knash@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.1697

Kim Rasmussen
Senior Web Producer

email: krasmussen@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.1974

Custom Content

Kayley Bogdan
Director of Content Marketing
email: kbogdan@winsightmedia.com
phone: 312.940.1559

Print Subscriptions

Print Subscription Customer Service
email: rb@halldata.com
phone: 847.763.9627
fax: 847.763.9547