Restaurant Supply Company Enters Value-Added Service Arena

The program was launched in response to customer concerns about declining traffic, which spurred Hoodfilters.com to step out of the traditional "supplier" mold and do something to help restaurants fight back.
"Restaurant owners would never think to look to their hood filter supplier for sales and marketing support" said Monty Lockyear, president of Hoodfilters.com. "We thought about that and said why not? It makes perfect sense to invest in our customers' long-term success."

Lockyear reached out to restaurant marketing consultant Kamron Karington. The two formed a deal that would provide every Hoodfilters.com customer with a pre-paid membership to Restaurantpartner.com, a Web site operated by Karington Marketing Group that includes articles, blogs, case studies, tutorials, interactive tools, advertising templates and discounted rates on a variety of restaurant marketing services. The site’s basic subscription package runs $97 in set-up fees, plus $19.95 per month.

"It was a perfect fit", Lockyear said, "Kamron is well known for his ability to help restaurants increase top-line sales and that's exactly what our customers need right now. And with unemployment on the rise, it looks like we still have some tough times ahead."

Hoodfilters.com plans to expand their value-added services over time. The company said that customer feedback and market conditions will determine how they can best serve their customers with new programs.


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