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The longtime industry veteran is not done with restaurants yet, including a number of small upstart chains.

After serving one company for 36 years, the former Panera Bread chief has some definite ideas about what a chain leader should be.

Count Mother Nature squarely among the parties generating the loudest buzz, along with a hotelier in a new job and a one-time online bookseller.

Au Bon Pain is the latest brand to unveil an endless pass of sorts.

He'll be succeeded by Blaine Hurst, but will remain involved with the chain while simultaneously serving in a strategic role for owner JAB Holdings.

The acquisition will provide Panera with an entry into nontraditional sites, and reunite management with a brand Panera once owned and operated.

These seven apps stand out from the current pack.

The reigning fall flavor may be losing favor

A European-inspired fast casual serving a variety of artisanal sandwiches and baked goods

A European-inspired chain with artisanal breads, fresh-baked goods and gourmet sandwiches