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The Bottom Line: Here’s what other companies can learn from the pizza chain’s comeback as CEO Patrick Doyle leaves.

The outgoing Domino’s CEO doesn’t plan to retire, but says that all “conspiracy theories” about his plans are wrong.

The CEO helped turn the pizza chain into a digital juggernaut.

Some common threads appear among the success stories.

The Top 500 chains unveiled more than 13,000 limited-time offers in 2017, but only some can be winners with consumers.

Wendy’s is just one of the restaurant brands angling to boost digital business.

The chain hopes the deal will encourage more customers to place an order digitally.

In a magazine issue packed with big ideas, it’s only fitting we pause and salute the real stinkers—the notions that were somehow greenlighted instead of prompting hushed comments about the originator seeming so normal otherwise.

Alshaya was among the recipients of the 2017 Global Restaurant Leadership Awards of Distinction.

Consumers showed how their preferences are shifting, while restaurants bet on where those directions will take them.