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The specialty LSR category includes barbecue, salad, seafood, snacks, smaller ethnic cuisines and other small niches. Together, they increased sales by 8.6%, to $6.9 billion, and units by 5.2%, to 11...

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The discontinuation of JambaGo comes as many restaurant upstarts are looking to embrace more automation and take labor out of sales.

More than half of the restaurant industry’s $491 billion in sales come from the Top 500 chains. And these giants grew at a modestly stronger rate, both in terms of sales and store counts, than the...

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Management responsibilities are being realigned as part of the shift.
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Following a test of the concept, this location introduces a new design and service model.
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“Old Town Cafe” will serve as an innovation lab of sorts.
Revenues fell as the chain moves to a more asset-light model.
The San Francisco-based concept has identified mid-Atlantic states and Florida as high-growth targets.
James White said he will retire as soon as a replacement can be found.