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The chain, however, reports little success with its delivery experiments.

The company said its same-store sales were the best in more than two years.

Diners rated these chains as tops when it comes to healthful options.

The smoothie chain tested drive-thrus and a juice bar concept and closed its self-serve operation

The smoothie chain, which co-branded with Bruegger's Bagels,  launched order-ahead via its app

Together, the specialty LSR category increased sales by 8.6%, to $6.9 billion, and units by 5.2%, to 11,070.

A restaurant chain's sales don't always reflect customer satisfaction, and vice versa. Here, we rank the leading limited-service chains using a formula that includes financials, consumer satisfaction and value.

Instead of heeding what normally are yellow lights, restaurants stomped on the gas and crashed through barriers this week.

Chains ranking highest in their competitive set deliver more than just good food. They’re winning in all aspects of the dining experience, from service to convenience.

Customers rank the restaurant chains they say offer the healthiest menu items in a recent Technomic Consumer Brand Metrics survey.