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The automated assembly system does everything from spreading the dough to adding the pepperoni.

As the weather turns colder, chains are tapping into diners’ desire for piping-hot comfort foods, while still keeping an eye on health.

The Thomas Edison of our time has no lock on technological breakthroughs. Check out the leaps that were clocked this week alone in the restaurant business. Hearing footsteps, Elon?

Consumers’ most craved restaurant chicken wings don't only come from wings concepts.

Alfredo sauce and pulled pork are among the new toppings in test at the value pizza chain

A carryout-focused chain popular with value-conscious consumers for its “Hot-N-Ready” pizzas

DIY pizza is again a growth story, but still a relatively small piece of the pie (only Blaze Pizza has hit the top 200).

Hispanic customers who recently dined out with children younger than 18 years old rated their favorite restaurant chains in a Technomic survey. These are the brands currently winning Hispanic family-dining occasions.

Consumers say these restaurant chains provide the best guest pampering.

In a recent Technomic survey, customers reveal which restaurant chains offer the most craveable pizzas that they can’t get anywhere else.