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From spinning a losing streak to knowing when to lay low, here are some recent lessons operators have learned on social media.

A deal has been struck with UberEats, starting with 1,000 stores.

Cheesecake Factory says it has a second fast-casual venture in the works, Dunkin' convenes a workforce Woodstock, Noodles clears the table and McDonald's touts its merits as a first job.

Visually stunning sips are helping brands drive a following on the popular social site.

From voice recognition ordering terminals to branded video game characters that will take your order while you play, chains are putting today’s latest tech to use in novel ways.

The rollout will mark the chain's first use of an infomercial, plus the introduction of the Frork.

Some big chains are reversing themselves on customization, delivery, portioning and new-age staffing moves.

Customers reveal which restaurant chains’ french fries they deem most likely to spark cravings.

Sly moves helped restaurants get their marketing messages across in innovative ways—and avert serious crime.