The fourth quarter broke the chain's streak of domestic same-store sales gains.
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A new ranking finds plenty of familiar names toward the top of the list.
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The U.S. quick-service giant will now be partners with the Chinese state.
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The chain will next month test delivery at 200 Florida units.

The griddle is the workhorse behind a majority of breakfast offerings, but keeping the large, energy-sucking equipment efficient all day requires operational planning. “It’s driven by what your menu...

The franchisor has shifted more than 300 restaurants off its books, selling to a Saudi group.
The option will be expanded from the current 500 restaurants to all 14,200 units in the United States.

Never mind the statistical impossibility of a tossed coin landing heads-up nearly every time. Ed Doherty insists his success as a restaurant franchisee is a tale of phenomenal luck, starting with the...

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Tweaking another of its signature menu items, the chain will roll out two new versions of the sandwich early next year.