McDonald's Articles

As off-premise continues to grow, an omnichannel approach may be on the horizon.

Taco Bell's newfound qualms about social media is just one example of restaurants wondering if the status quo is such a hot way to go.

The burger giant has replaced three key leaders in its most crucial market.

Menu options once treated as sacrosanct are now getting makeovers in hopes of rekindling interest.

It's making fresh burgers a cornerstone of the plan, with a quick changeover after a limited test.

Consumers say these restaurant chains provide the best guest pampering.

With goading from investors, franchisees are becoming a force in brand parents' corporate dealings.

Instead of heeding what normally are yellow lights, restaurants stomped on the gas and crashed through barriers this week.

The burger giant's long-range growth plan is intended to bolster takeout and delivery sales in a big way.

In the last few years, the build-your-own Chipotle-style fast casuals really hit their stride, expanding into almost any type of cuisine people could think of.