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Bad ideas. Good ideas. Questionable ideas. And a couple of restaurants doing what restaurants are supposed to do: show hospitality.

"Precious" was the last thing John Brandt-Lee intended his menu to be when he launched Avalon Pasta Bistro in the Philadelphia suburb of Downington,...

Restaurants may be watching their food purchasing pennies more carefully, but that isn’t hampering creativity in the kitchen. We gathered predictions from a team of expert forecasters; here are the top food trends to watch in the coming year.

Another week, another Guinness Record. Olive Garden tries to fix a bad idea. An upstate New York restaurant gets certified. And, really, wasn’t it just a matter of time before Jon Bon Jovi found his way into The Week in Ideas?

The week of October 14th will be remembered as a week of strange ideas: some bold, some bad, some counterintuitive. But at Week in Ideas, we don't discriminate. We report, you decide.

Five ideas this week. Two you'd probably call more theories than ideas, but we're not that particular. Bans were in style this week. Restaurants kept serving kids alcohol. A little restaurant on restaurant love in Portland. And more

Spring lamb, one of nature's finest offerings, is now appearing on menus across the country. Here's how some restaurants are plating this truly seasonal fare.

It is neither a fruit nor a vegetable. It can be red, green, yellow or even purple. It is the queen of the seasonal garden with a juiciness and flavor that capture summer. The tomato has it all! These restaurants make the most of this star ingredient.

These modern American chefs' interpretations show just how versatile, trendy and tropical American gazpacho can be.

Six chefs take a fresh look at ingredients and presentation.