P.F. Chang's


P.F. Chang’s is up for sale

The company has hired advisors and has some interested buyers.

The industry showed it's not afraid to stand up to its adversaries on important government issues, and will likely be emboldened going forward by help in the rumble from an unlikely source. It also was fearless in exploiting the opportunities afforded by the P.F. Chang's Olympics. Or something like that.

See which 10 chains are winning with seafood that consumers say they can’t get anywhere else.

Wayne Jones has joined the casual-dining Italian brand.

Wayne Jones has joined the casual-dining Italian brand.

Diners can snag a free sushi roll at participating locations this Thursday.

When it comes to restaurant brands, the sales leaders are not always consumers’ favorites for a variety of reasons. Chains best at parlaying customer satisfaction into sales are hard to beat.

From regional American to ethnic versions and spicy to sweet variations, here are the barbecue sauce flavors on the rise, according to Technomic data.

The successes or failures of one big fast-casual brand have the ability to drastically shift results.

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