Red Robin

The successes or failures of one big fast-casual brand have the ability to drastically shift results.

Overall, the varied menu category is flat, up .3% in sales to $23.9 billion and .5% in units to 7,792. Results among the brands vary wildly, however, from Cooper's Hawk's 25% sales increase to Uno...

CEO of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Beer Her charge: 550 full-service, casual burger restaurants, 85% of which are company-operated, and 17% of which are located in malls Prior posts CMO, EVP, Chief...

On competition "This has been an industry of fast followership. If I see one more tempura green bean, I’m going to die.” On the so-called better-burger upstarts “I’m not totally sold on the fast-...

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With new outlets providing less of a return, operators are directing capital elsewhere.
Red Robin Burger Works
The full-service casual chain said it might revisit the use of smaller units in the future, but as a way of tapping the boom in takeout and delivery.
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Post replaces Steve Carley, who is retiring.
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The chain has charged former LYFE Kitchen marketing chief Stephanie Hoppe with bolstering growth.
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The appointee replaces Carin Stutz, who recently left the fast casual for the C-suite at Red Robin.