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See what deals operators are unloading for the big feast.

Red Robin Express will have no storefront, just production capabilities for producing the food found in full-service units.

The catering option serves 10 or more guests and allows them to customize their own burger.

Hurrah for the rebel who wants no part of it.

When it comes to restaurant brands, the sales leaders are not always consumers’ favorites for a variety of reasons. Chains best at parlaying customer satisfaction into sales are hard to beat.

Chains are revamping mozzarella sticks, chips, breaded veggies and dips.

Shrink the serving line popularized by Chipotle, make it mobile, and you have the latest way some chains are striving to differentiate their catering options.

The successes or failures of one big fast-casual brand have the ability to drastically shift results.

It will slow development over the next two years to focus on meeting guests where they are

The chain with a slew of new execs serves more than 20 gourmet burgers and bottomless fries