10 limited-time offers with top consumer appeal

See which LTOs resonated with customers the most during September, when comfort foods made a comeback.


Arby’s owner to buy Sonic Corp. for $2.3B

The deal will give Inspire Brands its third major chain and fourth overall.

The company said that its same-store sales and traffic increased over the summer.

They join seven major chains that agreed last month to stop the practice, under threat of a lawsuit.

The drive-in chain is counting on a steady stream of new products to differentiate the concept and hold consumers’ interest.

Meat-heavy items ranked high among consumers, who revealed the limited-time offers they were most likely to purchase last month.

This spring, chains such as Dunkin' Donuts and Chili's are promoting glaringly unhealthy dishes.

Woe to the restaurant that won't change with the times. But some recent results of social and business pressures were real head-scratchers, including developments at Sonic and Starbucks.

The initiative teaches franchisees how to use their POS and back-office systems as more effective cost-cutting tools.