Restaurants, public places to carry EpiPens

Georgia lawmakers are taking steps to make your dining experience safer.  The General Assembly has passed a bill that could soon allow restaurants to stock up on EpiPens, the anti-allergy drug that treats anaphylaxis.

Some restaurant owners are surprised this bill wasn't passed a long time ago because so many people are allergic to different foods.

WTOC spoke to one local owner today who said he's already been taking these types of allergy precautions at his own restaurant.

"We have seafood here and shellfish so should we ever need it, we have one on hand,” said Rob Faber, owner of Corleone's.

Faber applauds the Georgia legislature for passing a bill. He has an employee who is allergic to blueberries and said he's seen just how these little devices can save someone's life.

"It's amazing how fast the reaction is and how quickly the EpiPens work. It's a miracle,” said Faber.

Right now, EpiPens are only available with a prescription, and the owner of Corleones said his is probably one of the few restaurants that actually has one available because of their employee.

Last year a similar bill was passed allowing schools to stock up on EpiPens for students. But Georgia lawmakers are expanding that to all public places where there's a risk for an allergic reaction. 

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