Rick Berman’s crusade against Chipotle continues

chipotle sofritas

Chipotle is once again the subject of an attack ad by Rick Berman’s Center for Consumer Freedom, and this time, its tofu is on trial.

The latest “Chubby Chipotle” ad claims that Chipotle’s tofu and beans have more hormones than beef, underscoring its assertion with the tagline: “Sofritas Burrito: Estrogen in every bite.”

Similar to the CCF’s previous anti-Chipotle ads, this one took up a full page in the New York Post and directed readers to visit ChubbyChipotle.com, reports Business Insider. The ad is one of a series of four shown on the Chubby Chipotle site. 

“Chipotle’s marketing spins a false narrative to consumers that the company’s food is healthier and the company’s practices are more ethical,” the CCF claims on the site.

The CCF isn’t the only party taking issue with Chipotle’s clean-ingredients stance—the chain was slapped with a lawsuit in August over its GMO-free marketing campaign.

Chipotle has touted its GMO-free and better-for-you positioning through a variety of channels, including recent endeavors into online sweepstakes and web-based video games.

Restaurant Business has reached out to Chipotle for comment. 


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