Rising Star Chefs

New York City’s StarChefs International Chefs Congress culminated in a gala Rising Stars Revue at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The chefs, mixologists and restaurateurs honored in 2009 prepared tastings that showcased their talent.

Brandon Kida
Asiate at Mandarin Oriental
Buckwheat and Eggs; homemade soba noodles with uni cream sauce and caviar

Jamison Blankenship
Morimoto Bouillabaisse in red miso shellfish broth

Patrick Connolly
Hazelnut-Crusted Duck with date puree, parsnip and chorizo

Georges Mendes
Mushroom Consomme with mushroom “ravioli,” chorizo and tomatoes

Jason Neroni
10 Downing
Porchetta with cannellini beans and salsa verde

Damian Sansonetti
Bar Boulud
Coq au Vin; red wine braised Amish chicken, hand-rolled penne, button mushrooms, pearl onions and lardoons

Isao Yamada
Upstairs at Bouley
Steamed New Zealand Abalone and Dungeness Crab with tomato water and dashi vinaigrette jelly

Harold Dieterle
Sauteed Triggerfish with quinoa, wood ear mushrooms and sweet and sour basil-eggplant sauce

Amanda Cohen
Dirt Candy
Portobello Mousse with peach and fennel compote, grilled portobello mushrooms and truffled crostini

Colin Devlin
Dressler and Dumont
Warm Artichoke Heart, white beans, arugula, parmigiano and garlic dressing

Angelo Sosa
Xie Xie
Sweet Glazed Pork with Chinese Bao Bun and sweet and sour condiment

Brooks Headley
Del Posto
Lidia’s Sweet Pea Sformato with tri-star strawberries and strawberry gelato

Robert Truitt
Cashew Fruit Tart with lavender and muscovado

Orson Salicetti
Tomato Basil Martini

Maxwell Britten
Gingerbutter Collins


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