Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

Short attention spans are par for the course in sensory-flooded Las Vegas, so operators know putting on a good show is mandatory. Yet amid the Strip’s myriad theatrics, Rose.Rabbit.Lie., which opened in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas late last year, stands out for its ingenuity and deft knack for straddling the disparate world of restaurant, bar, nightclub and theater. For this retro-meets-grand social experiment, it has curated ambitious food and drinks, as well a vibrant roster of entertainment. The brilliance is in its ability to juggle surprises at every corner of the maze.

A labyrinth of layers. At any given time within the space—which includes a book-filled library, music room with a piano, swimming pool, ballroom and secret retreat complete with vintage bathtub—unpredictable shenanigans are the norm. Cocktails and globally inspired small plates might be interrupted by impromptu tap dancing, while acrobatics often kick off festivities in a late-night dance club.

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