Ruby’s Doug Cavanaugh tries a new concept

lighthouse cafe exterior

Ruby’s Diner founder Doug Cavanaugh is trying a new venture, an all-day, three-meal concept in Newport Beach, Calif., called The Lighthouse Café.

The Café, located in a popular waterside area called Marine Park, features familiar breakfast dishes, sandwiches, burgers and salads. Checks are in the $20 per-person range at lunch and average around $40 for dinner, according to a local dining guide. The location is housed in an actual lighthouse.

The site is near the first Ruby’s retro-diner, which Cavanaugh opened 33 years ago. He grew it to 40 locations before relinquishing leadership to Scott Barnett earlier this year.

Cavanaugh was also the founder of The Beachcomber Café, a landmark local restaurant. 


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