Salmonella outbreak tied to restaurants using cucumbers

cucumber slices

Health authorities are combatting a multi-state salmonella outbreak tied to cucumbers imported from Mexico and sold to at least four major restaurant chains, as well as a number of supermarket chains.

State health departments indicate that nearly 300 consumers in 27 states have been sickened by the infected cucumbers, which were imported by the San Diego-based company Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce.

Among the restaurant chains identified as having bought the cucumbers were In-N-Out, Red Lobster, Olive Garden and Capital Grille.

Red Lobster pulled the produce from its kitchen after authorities identified a risk to serving Andrew & Williamson cucumbers.

The Minnesota Department of Health praised Red Lobster for playing “an important role in helping to solve the national outbreak” and serving as “a vital partner in the Minnesota investigation.”

The English-style cucumbers supplied by Andrew & Williamson are typically sliced and used as salad ingredients and garnishes. They were grown in Baja, Mexico.

Authorities have cited the produce as the source of the outbreak because 80 percent of the victims reported that they ate cucumbers before being afflicted.


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