Salt-labeling rule hits NYC chains today

salt shaker

New York City’s salt-labeling rule takes effect on the city’s chain restaurants today, but not without a fight from some industry representatives.

The rule, which requires that a salt-shaker symbol be placed near menu items surpassing the daily recommended limit of 2,300 milligrams of sodium, affects restaurant concepts with 15-plus units nationwide.

Though the measure goes into effect Tuesday, noncompliant restaurants won’t be fined for failing to meet its standards until March 1.

The labeling rule has been lauded by health officials but has seen some opposition from the restaurant industry. The National Restaurant Association said it plans to sue the city’s health department over the measure, Politico New York reports.

“While the Board of Health thinks they are targeting corporate chains, in reality they are dealing yet another blow to many of New York’s small businesses that have been working and continue to work hard to provide nutritional access to their customers," Christin Fernandez, a spokesperson for the NRA, told Politico New York. "That is why we are taking legal action against this latest assault which goes too far, too fast for New York’s restaurant community."


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