Sandwich segment leaders buck the downturn

The 2008 Technomic Top 100 Limited-Service Sandwich Chains Restaurant Report, released earlier this month, found that in 2007 Subway added nearly a half billion dollars in revenues and 440 new units over the prior year. Quiznos registered the second highest sales growth, with $261 million and 178 units.
“Though the economy has moved from bad to worse, the limited-service sandwich segment is holding its own,” says Darren Tristano, executive vice president at Technomic. “Its resilience comes from its ability to provide customers with a range of offerings from low cost to high end. The Top 100 Sandwich chains have displayed an array of tactics for weathering the economic storm—from revising their pricing strategies, to making menu offerings more memorable and substantial, to renovating their stores.”

The  report identifies the leading limited-service sandwich chains, analyzes top performers by sales and units, looks at important trends in the segment, and provides insight into where limited-service sandwich opportunities exist.  To learn more about the findings contained in Technomic’s report, visit www.foodpubs.com.


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