Sandwich stars

Sandwich creativity is at its peak these days, as chefs and menu developers treat a wide variety of breads as a blank canvas on which to practice their artistry. The examples here combine carriers, fillings and garnishes in inventive ways—these are not your ordinary lunchbox sandwiches.  

Katalina’s Café Corner
Columbus, OH
Rustic White Anchovy and Egg: White anchovies marinated in olive oil, fried egg, Parmesan cheese, mixed greens sprinkled with lime juice and balsamic basil dressing on toasted old-world loaf; $10.95

Carve Unique Sandwiches
New York, NY
Far East Tuna: Ginger and sesame crusted tuna, broccoli slaw, crunchy tempura, cilantro wasabi aioli in a lettuce leaf; $9

Culinary Dropout
Scottsdale, AZ
Turkey pastrami pretzel roll, Swiss cheese, coleslaw; $13

Fat Sandwich
Madison, WI
Fat Mess: You name it this sandwich has it! French fries, mozzarella sticks, jalapeo poppers, fried mushrooms, Mac ’N Cheese Bites, Pizza Bites, Ranch, BBQ, $7

The Filling Station
Miami, FL
Felix’s Porschebello: Marinated mushrooms, spinach, mozzarella, roasted pepper and grilled onion, $8.88

Foster’s Market
Durham, NC
Jammin’ Turkey Breast: Herb roasted turkey breast, Foster’s own Seven Pepper Jelly, thinly sliced red onions, herb cream cheese and lettuce on sourdough; $7.50


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