This fruit and wine-based “punch” may have originated in Spain, but pitchers now appear on tables throughout the restaurant landscape, particularly in summer. With numerous possibilities to throw into the mix, sangria is completely customizable and makes a refreshing wine or cocktail option.

Bar Carerra
New York, NY
Cucumber Sangria: Cucumber, mint, juniper essence & white wine; $15

Los Angeles, CA
Suprema Sangria: Red wine, orange, lime, melon, pineapple and Spanish brandy; $13
33 Restaurant & Lounge
Boston, MA
Rosé Sangria: Fruity rosé sangria with hints of strawberry; glass, $9; pitcher; $40

Barrio Café
Phoenix, AZ
La Sangria: Made with red wine, mango and Jack Daniels; $11

Las Ramblas
New York, NY
Red/White Peach Sangria: Glass, $8; pitcher; $17
Sparkling Strawberry Sangria: Glass, $9; pitcher, $19

Philadelphia, PA
Blanco: White wine with apple, pear and orange; glass, $7; pitcher, $29
Tinto: Spiced red wine with orange, apple and cinnamon; glass, $7; pitcher, $29
Temporada: White wine with watermelon and basil; glass, $8; pitcher, $32


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