School Nutrition Association Makes Sense of School Food Legislation and Regulation

(January 20, 2011)—This month, the School Nutrition Association's "Tray Talk" series makes sense of new legislation and regulation on food sold in schools. 

Visit www.TrayTalk.org to read the latest News on the Tray article, which explains what the proposed updates to the meal pattern mean for school lunch trays and how the recently enacted Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act will improve the options available in school vending machines and snack bars.  Visitors can get a taste of these healthy changes by tuning into a video of White House Assistant Chef Sam Kass chatting with Sesame Street’s Elmo about school lunch.

Tray Talk also features a new School Nutrition Success Story. Visit Tray Talk to learn how Jefferson County Public Schools in Kentucky are bringing more fresh ingredients to meal trays throughout the school year.

Tray Talk Week, January 24-28, is a great opportunity to participate in the campaign.  For more information, and to find out how you can win a free SNA conference registration by being a part of Tray Talk, visit www.schoolnutrition.org/Traytalk.


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