Scotch Eggs

Said to have been invented more than 275 years ago by a London department store, Fortnum & Mason, there’s always been much more to the humble, yet flavor- and protein-packed Scotch Egg than meets the eye. Traditionally, a hard boiled egg is wrapped in sausage then coated in bread crumbs and baked, but this British picnic staple continues to appear on American menus both in the traditional style and in new, modern forms.

Atlantic Chip Shop
New York, NY
Scotch Eggs; $5.50

Washington, DC
Scotch Egg: Venison sausage, soft boiled hen egg, horseradish aioli; $9

The Fort
Morrison, CO
Bison Eggs: Pickled quail eggs wrapped in house made buffalo sausage. Served with a  raspberry-jalapeno jam. Our version of a "Scottish egg;" $NA

The Fat Radish
New York, NY
Scotch Egg, Cornichons, Seeded Mustard; $10

The Gallows
Boston, MA
Scotch Egg: Crispy pork sausage wrapped soft cooked egg; $6

Owen & Engine
Chicago, IL
Scotch Egg, Stout Mustard; $6

The Fireside Grill
Beaverton, OR
Scotch Egg: A jumbo hard-boiled egg encased with house-made sausage, rolled in bread crumbs and fried. Served with Dijon aioli; $6

The Irish Rover Restaurant
Louisville, KY
Scotch Eggs: Deep-fried savouries of hard-boiled egg and sausage which are a staple in English pubs; $3.95

Public House No. 7
Falls Church, VA
Scotch Egg: Hard-cooked egg wrapped in sausage & bread crumbs & golden-fried. Served with greens and Branston pickle; $9.99


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