Selling Fish? Here are 11 Species Deemed Healthful, Safe and Sustainable

A new U.S. News & World Report article notes that while there’s no single guide rating fish by all three criteria, many species do make the cut.

It lists 11 menu options that, according to the Environmental Defense Fund's Seafood Selector and the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch programs, meet the criteria. “These choices are high in omega-3s and low in contaminants and are produced in a way that is friendly to the environment. The environmental factor involves either using sustainable fishing techniques in the wild that don't overly deplete stocks of the target fish or other species, or aquaculture practices that don't pollute or permit farmed fish to escape into the wild. (In some cases wild-caught fish is best; in others, the farms are the more sustainable systems).”

The 11 species listed in the article are:
 1. Wild Alaskan Salmon, fresh, frozen or canned
2. Arctic Char, wild or farmed
3. Atlantic Mackerel
4. Sardines
5. Sablefish/Black Cod from Alaska or British Columbia
6. Anchovies
7. Wild or farmed Oysters
8. Farmed Rainbow Trout
9. Albacore Tuna from U.S. or Canadian fisheries
10. Farmed Mussels
11. Wild Caught Pacific Halibut, preferably from Alaska

For more information on these species and why they’re considered safe, healthy and sustainable, click here to see the article and slide show.


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