Seven Beef: The Steakhouse that 'meats' millennials where they are

Inside Seven beef
seven beef matches

Aspiring to evolve the traditional steakhouse, siblings Sophie and Eric Banh opened Seven Beef in Seattle this October. The “steak shop” straddles the line between industrial and upscale and aims to match the city’s young, casual crowd in design and price point. “I really want all walks of life to have access to this restaurant,” Eric says. “When you go so high end, it can feel stuffy.”

Go against the grain

Although many restaurants are forgoing tablecloths in favor of a more formal feel, Eric says linens brighten the room, soften hard industrial elements and dampen noise. “We put the tablecloths there not to make it fancy. In fact, we intentionally dressed the whole place down,” he says. 

Bring the back up front

Except for outdoor coolers and a small dishwashing pit, Seven Beef cut out the back of house. The open kitchen puts everything on display, from its butchering station and wood-fire grill to dishes and glassware used for service. “I wanted to give 100 percent transparency,” Eric says, playing to a selling point for today’s millennial diners. 


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